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Servel Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
An advanced high-tech Automatic Voltage Stabilizer from Servel.

A company which has been recognized for its high standard in qaulity by defence, top industrial houses, other institutions, MNC's etc
Salient Features
  • Automatic switch-off at dangerously low or high voltage

  • Automatic restart on return of safe voltage

  • Built-in time delay to prevent overload on compressor

  • Advanced solid-state circuitry ensuring positive switching of relay contact, making it more reliable and durable

  • Low power loss

  • Easy and instant serviceability because of plug-in printed circuit card.
      Voltage Range
Model Type Rating Input Output Application MRP
VSM 705 Mnaual-WR 0.17 130-290V 200-250V TVs
VRN 825 NR 0.25 160-260V 200-240V -do-
VRN 920 NR 0.35 160-260V 200-240V Refrigerator, Music System
VRN 965 T/D (NR) 0.50 160-260V 200-240V -do-
VRX 905 XWR 0.50 130-270V 190-250V -do-
VRU  940 UWR 0.50 90-280V 200-245V -do-
VRX 1016 NR 1.00 160-260V 200-240V Large Refrigerator
VRN 1013 XWR 1.00 130-275V 200-245V -do-
VRN 1020 (NR) 2.00 160-260V 200-240V Microwave Ovens
VRW 1034 NR 3.00 160-260V 200-240V Air-conditioners (1 Ton)
VRX 1034 WR 3.00 145-275V 200-245V -do-
VRX 1031 XWR 3.00 130-275V 200-245V -do-
VRN 1045 NR 4.00 160-260V 200-245V Air-conditioners (1.5 Ton)
VRW 1045 WR 4.00 145-245V 200-245V -do-
VRX 1040 XWR 4.00 130-275V 200-245V -do-
VRN 1052 NR 5.00 160-260V 200-240V Air-conditioners (2 Ton)
VRX 1058 XWR 5.00 130-275V 200-245V -do-
NR- Normal Range
WR-Wide Range
XWE - Extra Wide Range
UWR - Ultra Wide Range
(Due to continuous innovation and upgradation of the product, the specifications may undergo without notice)